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add from individual pages

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add from individual pages
I seem to remember that in links nonsql, you used to be able to have people go to a category page to add their site, so that they would go to like Business/Economy to add a site, instead of having a great long list of categories for them to scroll through, our site is over 700 categories and still adding, so for them to go to the add.cgi page and have to scroll through that list is a bit daunting, is this available in links sql? If not, is there a mod for it?


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Re: add from individual pages In reply to
# Set to one to have Links generate a category list, set to 0 to use
# the category id.1
$LINKS{db_gen_category_list} = 1;
in Links.pm

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/

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Re: add from individual pages In reply to
There is also a Thread linked in the Links SQL FAQ web site that is linked in the Resource Center that includes codes posted by Alex that corrects the problem of drop-downs of Categories in the admin.cgi and add.cgi scripts.

I also made a few tweaks in the add.cgi script that pulls up a choose category page if there is not ID parameter in the add.cgi link and also I had to create two different header/footer files...one that included the ?ID=<%category_id%> and one that does not contain this parameter.


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