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a few questions...

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a few questions...
Hi all,

I am thinking of setting up a directory on one of my sites, http://www.lastsound.com/ , and I am thinking of using Links 2.0, as opposed to Links 3.0. I have a few questions I hope someone could answer.

1. What are the benefits that Links 3.0 provides over 2.0? I am concerned with setting up a basic site with at most a couple hundred or so pages for now, and so the entry level 2.0 seems more my cup of tea (I really dont think my budget will stretch to 450 right now).

2. Can I install the usual `insert ad here` script a la Google adwords or your standard banner in the templates, and will the adwords format to whatever page it is on automatically like it usually does with adwords (eg `car` ads on a car page, or are there any incompatabilities with links. Apologies if that sounds like a naive question, but Im still in a little awe of the whole concept of scripts) :)

3. To what extent do the templates work as planned? I am thinking the top banner on my site http://www.lastsound.com/ should be above every page in some form, and I would like ads in set places also, with perhaps a little other content here and there. Aside from that it doesnt have to be too custom to how i currently have the site. Does that sound reasonable for 2.0?

4. Why should I host with Gossamer as opposed to my current server. I know you also supply hosting,and wondered whether at this stage of the game it is recommended and if so why?

5. How easy is it to add links to the directory- does Gossamerlinks just go bzzz...ding! and you hit upload, and thats it the html page is on your site? How simple is it? Note I am not experienced in scripts and know about a dozen html tags ...

6. Are there any Links 2.0 plugs, and do the 3.0 plugs work with 2.0?

Anyone who answers at least some of these questions, appreciate it!!
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Re: [lastsound] a few questions... In reply to

Sorry, are you refering to Links 2 (flatfile), or LinksSQL (now known as Gossamer Links) ? The flatfile system doesn't have any kind of plugin system, whereas Gossamer Links has a great plugin system <G>


Andy (mod)
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Re: [lastsound] a few questions... In reply to
"Links 2.0" is the flat-file system, and is the version of links that was out there before the SQL version.

The SQL version has had 3 major releases,and is now in the 3.0.2 release. With this release, came a slightly new name, to help differentiate the two versions. Links SQL is now "GLinks" (Gossamer Links) as opposed to "Links 2.0" which is the flat file.

The differences between the two are _major_.

If you are looking to set up a fully functional directory, and eventually migrate up to the features of GLinks 3.0.2, start with that program. The underlying structure has changed greatly since the 1.x SQL days, and converting templates from the 2.0 to SQL version is not going to be easy.

If you planning a commercial-type site, then starting with the SQL version in today's environment is better. flat-file type databases have very limited place in today's web-server world, and most hosts offer MySQL as part of the hosting packages -- even low end.

Performance varies greatly too. The flat-file system has a much higher overhead, and can choke an active server. In many cases, it's not the number of links you have in your database, but how many people are accessing it, and searching it.

As to your other questions, gossamer hosting is the most reliable, and responsive hosting we've had in our entire time on-line. If you are running primarily a Gossamer producg (GForum, GLinks, GMail, etc) their servers are optimized for best performance. I wouldn't think of hosting anywhere else, reguardless of the price.

As for setting up, download the .tar file, extract, install (either by telnet or web) and enter the set up. Tell it the database name, id and password, and hit "next". At that point, your directory is up and running. You need to add data (categories and links). If you use our DMOZ wizard plugin, you can import data and have a fully functional directory (minus customizations) in about an hour.

For specific performance issues, check the gossamer marketing page, or search for "peformance" or "features" here.

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Re: [lastsound] a few questions... In reply to
thanks, i will make a note about that.

i think i understand all the points made, i will have a browse around the site and then we'll see..no doubt i will post in here again with another avalanche of questions lol

thanks again