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Will this work for me?

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Will this work for me?
I want to use links for my website but I need to know if I can do certain things before I implement. First, I have four different products Seats, Tables, Casegoods and wall protection. Each product has many sub products for example chairs have a a couple different series and Tables have many different models. Each product has to have its own style of page ie. tables has a different toolbar than chairs. What I need is when a search is done for a chair by name or model number it brings up the results in the chair "style" page. Is this possible? In otherwords if people are looking for chairs I need them to be in the chair section, if they are looking for tables I need them to be in the tables section.

The next major thing I need is the ability to dynamically create PDF's. I know this will probably require a plugin and possibly some paid modification work. I have seen the pdf plugin but I need something that does a little more. What I need is when a products is entered into the catalog a pdf attachment of that product has to be made and placed as an attachment next to the products description. I know this is how it is already done through the plugin, but I also need to be able to upload a 150 dpi image in the admin that will go into that product pdf for printing purposes. This will probably have to be different than the normal image upload which is 72 dpi. In otherwords the pdf the people will see will have the same picture and info as the product they see in the catalog but the the resolution of the picture in the pdf will be higher that the one on the site.

I am sorry if I am being vague please let me know if any of these areas is unclear.
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Re: [tkporcel] Will this work for me? In reply to
Hi Travis,

Thanks for the info, your requirements are quite clear.

For the first point, we can only allow searches to be run when someone has entered a top-level category like Chairs or Tables. Then, with a custom global perhaps, we can specify a certain template set to display the search results.

The second requirement is not as easy to implement and will need quite a bit of custom work. Please do email me directly for more information on
the cost and timeline, thanks.