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Will Links SQL Work for me?

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Will Links SQL Work for me?
I have read and read and looked at other sites but I am still unsure if Links SQL will fit my needs. I am in need of several things.

1) A news content system

2) A picture archive

Before you post a reply, I would like them too work like this:

Home page (pulling news onto it)


News (First Page)

News (article page)

Picture Archive (First page)


Picture Archive (Last page)


Please follow the links above and let me know if Links SQL will do the same thing (with the exception of the ads as I am thinking of using AdvertPRO or AdCycle with whatever system I end up using).

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Re: [SirSteve] Will Links SQL Work for me? In reply to

Most definitely Links SQL can, with some additional functions, handle the News feature like the site you posted a link to. It would be a matter of creating a custom function to pull out the flagged "Featured" news in the database and build it to either the home page or to a completely new template.

The picture archive is also well within the capabilities of Links SQL, including a picture upload field and the ability to handle user comments.

If you'll send me an email to jack@gossamer-threads.com, I will send you a link to a site in development that closely mirrors what you're asking for. It's not yet available for public consumption, so I can't post a link to it on our public forum.

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