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GLinks doesn't seem to support Umlauts (ö,ä,ü), see
And searching for things with ö, ä or ü doesn't yield any results?!
This would be a knock-out criteria for a German/Austrian/Swiss user (but also for French, Swedish, Hungarian and so on as they have other special characters like é, á and ô)!

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Re: [kschmidt] Umlauts? In reply to
Currently, our character encoding support is somewhat primitive. The reason why it isn't displaying properly (it should be fixed now), is because the data was imported as utf-8, but the templates default to using the iso-8859-1 encoding.

For the search results, it depends on what search indexing you use. Our demo is using the internal indexing scheme, which only indexes ascii words.

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Re: [brewt] Umlauts? In reply to
so, would it work with the right configuration?
I mean there are tons of words with umlauts, it would be a knock-out criteria if GLinks didn't support these.
Even when the special chars were displayed correctly because they are interally represented as ä and the like, it would mean that the searching wouldn't work because 'ä' doesn't match ä !
And idea?

Thanks KSchmidt
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Re: [kschmidt] Umlauts? In reply to
Hello? Any ideas?
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Re: [kschmidt] Umlauts? In reply to
GLinks works fine with umlauts. You just have to set character-sets for all input (forms) and output (html-pages). Doing so is pretty easy with the user-oriented templates (put it in common header), and also doable for the administrative templates.

For a site that uses Swedish (and Danish, Norwegian and Finnish), see www.shn.dk. Example searches: primärvård, hälsonät, välfärd.
This site uses ISO-8859 character encoding. I am in the process of migrating it to UTF-8, which I normally prefer.