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Tweaking the search

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Tweaking the search
The search on your demo orders results only in the alphabetical order of categories to which the links belong, and not puttin the most relevant links first. Like this:

Link 1.

Link 2.

Link 3.

So that Link 1 appears before Link 2 only because the cateogyr A/B/C is "alphabetically" higher than A/B/D. Although it may well be that Link 2 is more relevant than Link 1 (the searched term is found more often in the title/description/keyword of that link).

This was one of the most inconvenient features of Links (non-SQL) - we've played with it but found no way to remedy it.

I HAVE seen sites running Links SQL 2 placing the best results first. Question. Did you simply prefer running the demo in such an unnatural way (search results relevancy is to me most important in evaluating a search system), or did those sites actually "tweak" the search beyond its standard abilities?

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The way it works is the first page of results contain the top 25 most relevant hits. Those 25 are then grouped by category and displayed. So your most relevant results are always on the first page.

However, if you don't like this, go to Setup->Search and change

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Determines whether to display and group your search results by category.
To no, and this will remove the category listing, and display the links with the most relevant in the first position.



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