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Trouble with Parse_RDF.pl

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Trouble with Parse_RDF.pl
I am trying to parse the dmoz.org Business directory but I am getting this error message: "CPU time limit exceeded, stdout: Broken pipe". Please someone tell me how can I avoid this CPU time limit problem. I don't think my ISP will increase this limit.

Thanks for your help!


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Move to a different host.

This is a problem with shared hosts. When any one process exceeds the ISP's CPU limit, the process is terminated.

You might also look into what Alex posted about the RDF parsing service. It may be able to bypass the CPU limit by returning to you a dump file. They are usually loaded very fast -- relatively to the parsing. For instance, parsing the RDF file can take 3-6 hours. Dumping the file from a MySQL database can take under 10 minutes. Smaller sections (because the whole file is still parsed) take as long to parse, but can be dumped in under a minute.

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/