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Three Questions

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Three Questions
Hello at Gossamer Threads,
I'm planning to upgrade from flatfile links 2.0 (German Version) to Links Sql.

But first I need to know, if Links 3.01 is what I'm looking for.

I want to block all but registered users from clicking links (downloads on my site)
I found the following thread with an attachment from fuzzy logic
My first Question: Is the attachment in this thread above working on links 3.01?

I have four links 2.0 flatfile databases. Every database has IDs from 1 to 2000.
My second Question: Would it cause ID-conflicts to import all four databases in one Links Sql version?

Im running a download site with flatfile links 2.0.
My most important third question:
I need a user profile in Links Sql which shows the number of logins and linkviews/downloads of each user.
I mean a user profile site which shows:

User Axel has
Logins: 25
Download/Linkviews: 340
Last Login: 25.11.06

I have nearly no experience with perl, so is something like that possible with Links Sql or Gossamer Community????


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Re: [Matthias70] Three Questions In reply to
Hi Matthias,

Yes, I believe the plugin that "fuzzy logic" wrote will indeed work for GLinks version 3.

As for the ID numbers, we'll have to make sure that the links are imported without overwriting existing ones, but it shouldn't be too difficult to achieve. We include installation with every order of GLinks, so we can handle the imports for you at the same time.

On the third question, we'd need a custom plugin created for you to accomplish that, and it might be best to do it via a mod_perl handler, at which point it would be very beneficial for you to be hosted on our platform, or be on a hosting account which offers root access to the server. But the answer to your question is yes, this is entirely possible with GLinks only, no need for Community at this point.

The first two points will not require you to pay more than the regular GLinks license fee, but the third one will incur an extra cost. Exactly how much depends on the hosting platform. Perhaps you could Private Message me with the details of your current hosting so that we can discuss this in further detail?