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Section Editors

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Section Editors
I currently own a copy of Links 2.0 and am contemplating upgrading to the Links SQL version.

My question relates to how much control does the Section Editor have? I'd like to open my site up to other "contributors/editors" but I'm concerned from a QC and trust standpoint? What would prevent them from deleting links that I wouldn't approve of? Is there a means to allow them to make additions/modifications and putting them in a "staging" area prior to being approved by the central webmaster - me???


Mark Geyman

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Re: Section Editors In reply to
I just wrote such a mod (whether it ports over to the New SQL version or not, I don't know, but it should with only minor changes).

This is being used on several sites at the moment.

There are 3 levels of editor.

Four, if you count a user being able to edit their own links.

Section editors can edit any "branch" below where they are assigned.
They can add/modify links in the Validate database that are assigned the primary category of one of their areas, and they can modify any links in the Links database that are assigned under their control.

Chief editors then edit the work of the secion editors, and make changes, etc to the links modified/validated by the Section editors. Once a chief editor approves a link, the Section editors can't re-edit them.

The administrator then approves the links, and moves them to the Links database.

Only the administrator can delete links, or actually "validate" them. The editors do "preliminary" work so all the Administrator has to do is rubber stamp them, in effect.

The code is a mess (lots of extra stuff that can be cut out), I've been working on cleaning it up, but so far no one has chimed in with any fixes or additions to it. It was posted in the Discussion forum, and the FAQ Site.

As I said before, you can add back in the "validate" ability, to either the Section Editors or Chief Editors fairly simply, I would imagine, but then you never know if one of them is removing links from your directory.

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/