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SQL database on separate server

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SQL database on separate server
I have several virtual accounts on different ISPs.

What I want do to is to have Links SQL (html pages) run on one server (one ISP) but SQL database to be on other server (other ISP).

Is this possible and will this decrease speed a lot?

Also, not regarding this, how much SQL space will take about 5,000 - 10,000 links ?

Thank you.

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Re: [deadroot] SQL database on separate server In reply to
It is possible but I wouldn't recommend it. I once tried using seperate hosts and the speed reduces significantly as Links SQL needs to make a connection to your remote sql server on each request and then mysql needs to send back the data. I found it much slower than using the same server.

The only time I'd want to seperate out the web/sql servers was if both servers were close together, ie in the same building on the same network.