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SQL Import

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SQL Import
I work with two absolutely equal servers, one in net, one at home. Normally i build my links at home till final status, then copy all files tru ftp to my internet-server.
The same i do with the sql-tables; i copy them from my /usr/local/mysql/data/name to my home-dir; get them with FTP on my WinDoze; put them via FTP to my internetserver, copy them there to /usr/local/mysql/data/name and give the rights as have before.
Normally all its ok, till now.
I got all the new cats, i have 148 Links inside the Links-Table, but a query give my 0 back.
So, are im wrong? Its not enough to copy the whole data-dir?
Why was it ok till now?
Which way would you prefer? Make a dump at home; then via FTP from A to Windoze then to B?
I hate it really.

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Did you try a re-index?

Did you make sure your .def files had a 'weight' in them?

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/