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Review Site Project

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Review Site Project
Hello. My company would like to build few review sites. We are quite impressed with infamous review sites such as CNET.com and Expedia.com (the Hotel Review part), so it is highly likely that we will include some of their functionalities. We will also include some of our own set of functionalities and gadgets to make our sites stand out from the crowd.

We are seriously thinking of purchasing GLinks, and modifying it to suit our needs; however, it occurs to me that GLinks is written in Perl and my programmer is not familiar with that language. Thus, it leaves me with 3 possible solutions:

1) Get a php version of GLink (is it possible?), and have my programmer work on the modifications.
2) Have your company develop our review sites with our spec. Your company is located in Vancouver, which is where we are located. So maybe I can do little visit?
3) Find another script that is PHP based, and have my programmer work on it.

Please comment on those 3 possible solutions.
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Re: [DavidT] Review Site Project In reply to
Hi DavidT,

There is no PHP version of GLinks, so the first option is out, but please let your programmer know that he won't have to touch any perl code unless he wants to build plugins to change the basic functionality of the program. It sounds like you might not need to go that far because your review site might work similarly to this one that we built previously: http://www.girlfriends.com/reviews/

We can definitely build a site to your specs and since you're in Vancouver, come by the office and we can sit down for a while to hear your "vision".

Give us a call whenever you can, our office is open from 9 to 5. (604) 687-5804.

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Re: [Jack] Review Site Project In reply to
Thanks for your promot reply.

We are currently working on the spec. of our review site. Once it's done, I will definitely give you a call and visit your office.