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validation probelm

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validation probelm

I woke up today to find about 500 of the same links in my validate table!! I have no idea where they came from and they are not related to my directroy and most of them are repeated links.....

is there is a way to delete all what is in my validate table without going through each 10 links and deleting them?

and if anyone have an idea how did that happen and how to prevent it from happening again i would love to know.

Please help

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Re: validation probelm In reply to
They were probably added by an auto generated link bot that put one in each of your categories.

Go to the SQL monitor, and type

DELETE * FROM Valildate;

It will erase _ALL_ the entries in the table, so make sure you don't have any good ones hidden in there.

If you know what the link is, you can do:

DELETE FROM Validate where 'fieldname' LIKE '[%]pattern[%]'

Where the % means "match anything"

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Re: validation probelm In reply to
Thanks a lot
you are so sweat and durable.

(Would you mind helping me solve the merge category problem that i did have in the previous post)