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LinksSql question

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LinksSql question
Can links sql be easily modified to handle non-link directories? I am having problems with links2 because most features are dependent on hyperlinks.

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Yes it can - You'd need to modify the 'fields' and add your own to cover whatever it is you wish to 'display' (I assume you intend to use it as some form of article reference, rather than a directory of links?).

This has been done before and you simply add/modify the fields you'd like to use, such as:

Article ID
Article Reference
Article Title
Article Body
etc ....

Then use links as you would a 'linked' directory and it'll add the articles to the category pages and allow users to search them.

Note: If you're intending to index lots of lengthy articles in full, you may need to accommodate at least one large index, so it may be worth checking with other people who've done this before.

Apologies if I've assumed an incorrect intended use, but to reiterate, yes, links sql can be used for non-linked purposes.

All the best

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Re: LinksSql question In reply to
Thanks for the info.