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Is Gossamer Links Dead? (2014)

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Is Gossamer Links Dead? (2014)
For some reason I cannot respond to the thread of the same name in October 2013 where Jack asked for a comment. So a new thread it is:

I think there is a very viable market for an updated Gossamer Links.

My research has shown than most all the other directory software has fallen by the wayside following the devaluation of directories by the search engines.

Now this has affected mostly the directories that add no value beyond scraped content, or those that exist merely to try and sell links. So bad webmasters running bad directories are rightly dying out and with them, their market.

But for honest webmasters with solid websites, there is a need for a quality directory script to add value to the website. There are thousands of businesses out there that need a directory script for their membership, suppliers, customers and so on.

Gossamer Links is the best that I have ever used and I've used some.

I would like to see a refreshed Gossamer Links. There is no need for a major overhaul as the core software is rock solid.

A GT Links refresh should have at minimum:

1. Be mobile responsive.

2. Offer at least 4 new and spiffed up templates.

2. Automatically default to rel nofollow for all links.

3. Offer an option to have it hosted by GT with a software as a service option at a reasonable cost, say $95. a month.


Hi Lothar,

We're still releasing updates for GLinks, but not sure at this time what we could do in terms of features and functions in a new GLinks version. Given the changes in our industry, it's getting more and more difficult to release a generic database manager like a GLinks as every site owner has such different "visions" around what it is they want to accomplish, not to mention the new responsive options that are available to us now on the front-end.

If you have any ideas about what you want to build and where you'd like to take GLinks, we'd love to hear from you.

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Re: [mromero] Is Gossamer Links Dead? (2014) In reply to

Hear hear :) I've been working quite a bit with responsive designs recently. This is one of my latest jobs (just a basic site design, nothing to do with glinks);

http://steampunkjunkies.net/ (a paid job I did, a few months back)

..and one of my own projects:


There is no reason we couldn't have some pre-made responsive designs... but they are time consuming to make, and with the lack of plugin sales as of the last few years, I'm a bit reluctant to spend hours and hours doing them Crazy If anyone would like custom responsive designs, I'm more than happy to help :)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [mromero] Is Gossamer Links Dead? (2014) In reply to
Thanks so much for writing the post you did.

There are still indeed quite a few clients still using GLinks for new projects, and we continue to use it for custom projects that we build for certain clients for whom this platform is the best solution.

The sheer breadth of the way in which the program has been used is mind-boggling.

We're pretty convinced though that there is no defined way forward to release another generic GLinks at this point and we're not sure there is a market for it given the rather large development costs that would have to be invested up-front.

Andy offers custom services, as do we, and together, we can build you pretty much any kind of site you like with GLinks as the base building block. GLinks version 3 will likely have to wait until a Eureka moment or some new tech which allows us to offer a template set that the admin can drag, drop, push, pull, re-size, preview, etc. for web and mobile.

Again, we thank you all for the interest in GLinks and assure you that we're always looking to the future and what role our products have in it.

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