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Pre-Purchase Questions

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Pre-Purchase Questions

A few questions if you don't mind.

1) I notice in the demo it allows people to modify a listing/link. Can this be login/password protected? Also, can those other options either be removed or re-organized? I don't think I'd use Random Link.

2) I guess the "build" option doesn't work. So even though I added a new link, as admin. verified it, it doesn't show up?

3) Is this the directory back-end they are using at WEDDINGLINKSGALORE.COM ?

4) Can you provide quote for Links SQL, initial installation, and hosting.

5) It looks like you really don't need to be a programming wizard to use this and modify it to meet the needs of each site. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being brainiac)... maybe 4-5 ??

Pretty impressive software.

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Re: [otsirhc] Pre-Purchase Questions In reply to
Some answers to your questions:

1. you can set up Links SQL in such a way that only registered users can add a link, and they can only modify the links they added.

2. the build option does not work in the demo, so any link you add won't show up

3. yes, this is the backend they use at weddinglinksgalore.com

4. a Links SQL license costs 450 USD, including all future updates, for the details see http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...inks-sql/license.htm. Initial install is included, and for hosting options you could best contact Gossamer Threads directly. Some options they offer are listed at http://www.gossamerhost.com/

5. Most of the modifications can be done quite easily. You can do a lot with the templates, and there are also many plugins around which do more fancy stuff. There are also 'globals' which are small pieces of code you can add very easily.

And yes, in my experience the software is very impressive. It's very easy to set up but at the same time it's highly configurable, and almost infinitely extendable.

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Re: [yogi] Pre-Purchase Questions In reply to
Thanks for the prompt response and feedback.