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Paypal payment for 'featured' listings?

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Paypal payment for 'featured' listings?
Hi, just reviving a not-so-old question. We'd like to be able to offer 'featured' listings in bold at the top of directory pages or otherwise prominently featured. Ideally, featured listings would be category-specific OR could also be listed globally throughout the directory. Paypal is the method of choice. We're running LInks 2.0 now but looking at SQL.

Also, is it easy to import Links 2.0 data from one server to LInks SQL on another?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: [cleverjoe] Paypal payment for 'featured' listings? In reply to
Hi. LinksSQL 2.2 should be able to do this fine. Just set up;

1) Free listing
2) Paid listing (when you validate the payment, set a field for the link to "Yes", so that it gets shown higher up in the list)

LinksSQL 2.2 has built in payment functions (PayPal, WorldPay, Authorize.net, Moneries, etc) ... so is pretty capable :)

Also, is it easy to import Links 2.0 data from one server to LInks SQL on another?

To be honest, it would be easier to move your Links2 installation to the server where LinksSQL is going to be installed; and then goto Database > Import/Export, and then enter the path to your /admin folder (for Links2). Its not physically possible to grab the data from the Links2 site, if its on a seperate server :(

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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