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PayPal purchase

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PayPal purchase
Hi guys,

I just have a quick query about PayPal payment for the script licence. Basically I wanted to buy it three days ago and I prefer to pay via PayPal. You said on the page that it is possible. I've sent you an email asking to set up a paypal payment for me three days ago, and haven't heard from you yet.

So my basic question is do you still accept PayPal?

Please let me know if you wish to comple the sale via PayPal.

Thanks in advance
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Re: [carraigh] PayPal purchase In reply to
Hi Carraigh,

Yes, we do accept Paypal. My apologies, but I don't have any record of an email that came through with a request to pay via Paypal unfortunately, did you use the contact form on the site or did you send it through directly? In any case, if you have any further questions, please feel free to either reply to this post or send us an email through the contact form.

Thanks a lot.

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Re: [Jack] PayPal purchase In reply to
Hi Jack,

Thanks for your fast response. According to information on order form website, I emailed you at orders@...

Anyway I will use the contact form now.

All the best