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More Questions
Hi to all out there,
OK I think I will take the plunge into LinksSQL
Istill have some unsolved matters before spending 450$.

I have a Flatfile Database of about 6000 links made for Links2.
All these Links have 2 to 3 Altcategories.
Now after searching the forum I understand that LinksSQL can only import 1 Altcategory and that LinksSQL does not understand the separator ~~ in the Altcategory.
QUESTION: How do I import and does LinksSQL support more than 1 Altcategory ????

2/ Can I have my Categories sorted the way I want and not automatically by alphabeth ??????

Can I easyly add a sort of switch to LinksSQL so that a page appears that says "The directory is currently offline for 3 hours we are updating" ?????

This would allow me to manually (using Exel) to work on the database ?????

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