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Meta Tags and other ?'s

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Meta Tags and other ?'s

have a couple of issues that need to be resolved.

Need a big breakdown of all header info (metatags) that would make your product search engine friendly. Other scripts fall far short of this one very big point and the developers do not seem to give a tinkers curse.

The links 2 programme has a hack to create the main page as your main site index page. Does the sql version do the same? Again complete with all headers, robot control etc etc.

Basically, what is required (in my view) is a completely web capable script. I trust the point is appreciated.

Regards from Australia
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Re: [Gypsypup] Meta Tags and other ?'s In reply to

I'm not sure I understand what you are asking. Are you just looking for useful meta tags to improve search enginge indexing? If so, I can point out some excellent URL's.

Links SQL does support placing any meta tags you like in the header. You can also have different meta tags per category, or home page, etc. You can use information from the database to populate the meta tags to (the default category table has information for entering a meta description and meta keywords).

As for the separate index page, no, it defaults to putting it in whatever directory you specify for build_root_url, however there are a number of ways of making your home page be the Links SQL home page (via SSI, symlinks, DirectoryIndex, etc).

Hope this helps,

Gossamer Threads Inc.
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Re: [Alex] Meta Tags and other ?'s In reply to

many thanks for the very prompt reply. No, the issue of what meta tag input is very much the site owners concern. However, the pointer as to useful guides is very welcome.

The issue appears to be basically what can the administration side of the script do when setting up a category or sub category. Things like the meta description, meta keywords, robot control (follow, index etc..), meta category name (which search engines seem to like these days for links sites). In short, all the usual header information that sorts out the hopefuls from the pros.


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Re: [Gypsypup] Meta Tags and other ?'s In reply to

By default, a Category includes a "Meta Description" and "Meta Keywords" field that a siteowner can fill out when creating a category. These will get put into the headers of a category page when building.

However, it is very easy to add any field you like into the Category table. Every field is automatically available in the template. You could add a Robot Control select list field (click on Database->Category->Properties->Add Column), and then in your template:

<%if Robot_Control eq 'follow'%>
some html here
<%elsif Robot_Control eq 'index'%>
some other html here


Gossamer Threads Inc.
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Re: [Alex] Meta Tags and other ?'s In reply to

Many thanks for the reply, and might add, timely and well answered.

You clearly do give a tinkers curse (re: my opening comments) about your scripts.

I shall purchase this in due course.

Regards from Australia (we are part of the Commnwealth)

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Epilogue In reply to
I shall purchase this in due course.[/reply]

Every story has an ending, or is it a new begining?

As stated, I did in fact purchase the product. Immediately after purchase an email was received stating that I would be contacted within 24 hours as to how to download the script as the CC transaction was manual. Within 12 I received the info as described along with a note stating that free installation was part of the deal.

I accepted the offer and within 12 hours the programme was installed.

It is true that I hold an advantage - I am 12 hours in opposite time zones so fast response is going to happen. Notwithstanding that fact, the service and the product and all promises were adhered to without question.

The script is on my site and fully operational. All within 12 hours of purchase.

Thank you Gossamer Threads - I look forward to great things.

Regards from Australia.


http://www.chois-choice.com (PS the script is not actually on any site links yet - I have to customize a bit).
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Re: [Gypsypup] Epilogue In reply to
Aahh....the sound of beautiful Customer Service Smile


Andy (mod)
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Epilogue on Epilogue In reply to
May as well finish the story...Sly

After 2 days of trying to figure out the programme thought I bought a bum system. Was not to be discouraged though.

Once I figured out the philosophy behind the design it tokk only moments to modify it to suit my site. That is one of the tricks to it all.

The other is the correct use of the global variables. This is where the heart and soul of the system lies and not to be underestimated in value.

I did prior to purchase read the forum and took note of purchasers comments in a big way. They were generally all quite positive and the other thing I have to concede is that GT does NOT delete negative comments.

At the end of the day it can only be said that this is definitely one of the premier scripts available on the web and congratulations to the authors for a very well thought out script. Not a script for the absolute newbies though, however not difficult to work with either.

Regards From Australia.


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Re: [Gypsypup] Epilogue on Epilogue In reply to
The Globals are very powerful.

One neat way you can use them is to put text blocks in them. Then you can place them in the templates where you want them...