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Links and PPV

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Links and PPV
Hi all,

Im a current Glinks sql proud owner and user.
Ive been asked to build a Pay per view site, video site. Basicly Each category would have several videos. Access would be sold to that one category and would be able to see all the videos in it.

I know Glinks can handle the listing part, been there done that, but what about the access part?

One user is interested in watching all videos in a certain category, he pays X via paypal, creates an account, and is able to see ONLY those videos from THAT category. Not being able to see any of the others.

I know that I can do it with htaccess and groups, but I can only do it by hand, it can get messy in the long run....

Can it do it out of the box? with community? little tweaking? Lota tweaking?


Juan Carlos
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Re: [Gorospe] Links and PPV In reply to
I use the Restricted Category option works great for me.

Sandra Roussel
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Re: [Gorospe] Links and PPV In reply to

I've written fully integrated membership systems for things like you are asking for. Basically, they signup (via whatever payment method you want), then it gets verified after payment - and creates an account, with xx amount of days access (depending on the membership length they want). Then, when their account expires, it just sets them to not be able to view restricted pages (until they pay again =)).

If you would like me to give you a quote for this, please PM or email me.


Andy (mod)
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