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Links & WWWThreads
Finally i have installed my WWWThreads, now i will implement a hidden function that automatically writes the username and password from links to the right table of wwwthreads; i havenīt thought very long about this, cause it should be an relativ easy thing to add a new line in a table, but befor is start, i ask here if someone has done this before?
Are there any special things i should know?

BTW: As i read some time ago (when using links 2.0) there are a lot of people using some different bannersystems with their links; has someone done this with a special usertracking? e.g. you could ask the user when registering for some special things (probably with pulldowns or check-fields) and send banner especially for this user?
How would you do this? By calling the external scripts, with SSI?

In Austria there is a very good system born, running with all big german adult-banner-exchanges; ist written in c, and i have my license here, so has someone tried to bring links together with faaasteXchange?

The next days i will play with the wwwthreads (there are a lot of things not translated and we cant offer a mixed language thing) and im afraid of editing 1 mio. script-parts :-(
After this i will go straight to the exchange and usertracking; if someone is interested to join experience for these themes, dont hesitate to write.

Another 16 hours-day is gone, time to sleep.


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