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Links SQL as news (article) manager

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Links SQL as news (article) manager

Interested has anyone managed to make news (article) manager with links sql?
(would like to see working example)

Is it possible to make directory engine and article manager with one installation of links sql without hard customization?


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Re: [deadroot] Links SQL as news (article) manager In reply to
I have done it - not live yet so I won;t give you the link here in the forum - but if you are interested in seeing it you can send me a PM

I have several installations of Links - one for articles and one for directory (and two others for some other purposes)

You can do it all in one installation but depending on the content it may be worth with several installtions.


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Re: [deadroot] Links SQL as news (article) manager In reply to
Yep. Can be done. Mostly involves template changes.

pop me a PM and I'll send you links to two sites I have built using LSQL that are not simply a directory. (One is artciles, and one is workshops listings)

It depends on your comfort with html and cgi and getting to know the system.