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Linked Title
Hello everyone,

I just saw this great product. It seams to be perfect for me.

But before I spend 450 USD I have a question:

The variable title_linked (or linked-title ?)
wich shows the user where he is, is it possible to
determine an starting directory?

For Example:

I have the cat cars > european > german > bmw > 323i

My direcotry is that good that bmw would like to sponser
his cat but only with his own design starting in linked title with bmw =>


cars > european > german > bmw > 323i


bmw > 323i

Is this possible?

Sincerly Yours Mark Zimmermann

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Re: Linked Title In reply to

Yes, you can set CategoryTemplate to 'bmw.html', and then for every category underneath BMW, it will use a separate template that you can customize however you like.



Gossamer Threads Inc.
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Re: Linked Title In reply to
Hi Alex,

thanks for your answer.

These are great news.

One more question:
Will the sites under bmw will all have the bmw design or is it nessesary to edit all templates below the bmw template by hand?

Sinceryl Yours Mark Zimmermann