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In-Link 2.0 vs. Links SQL

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Re: In-Link 2.0 vs. Links SQL In reply to
Wasn't inLink originally a php copycat of Links v2.

I bet when they put up thier description on hotscripts.com they probably felt that they could more bang from their description (which probably hasn't been updated in a while) by stating that they are doing something similar to links SQl/v2 ?

Towards the end of this thread Paul mentioned the forum/resources/plug-ins and such but most of you missed this idea in this whole thread. As a regular user the Admin section of LinksSQl is just great.

Also, missed is that inLink started from links v2 which means the strngth of LinksSQL is not there. But, inLInk does have a lot of the most popular mods straight out of the box which a lot of regualer users like. Why hassle with mods, plugins?

JosephLevy, if you wanna go with inLinks then check out "bunghole" on hotscripts.com (hehe, hotscripts.com uses LinksSQL last I heard) you'll get most of inLinks functionality at open-source prices.

php vs. perl ???
since lots of hosting places don't like SSI php let's you get around that problem.
php has lot's of "good" open source code out there which competes very well with paid for perl programs. I like phpAds and phpAdsNew, phpBB, phpMyAdmin (ummm .... mysqlman is nice too :-)

Why do people here like to pick on php?

I went with LinksSQL ... My friend asked me how is LinksSQL I compared it to illustrator, both are just sweet software. Yep, I no longer think of linksSQl as a script but more as software. Links v2 sorry I still think of as a script, weird but that's how I feel.

on the pages in between ...
Re: In-Link 2.0 vs. Links SQL In reply to
GT should at least be aware of what happened to ultimatebb and it's fall to vbulletin. similar situation, probably a different outcome.

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Re: In-Link 2.0 vs. Links SQL In reply to
vBulletin is superior to the UBB, as it uses an SQL backend. Links SQL is far ahead of in-link, i really don't think that this is going to happen to GT :)

Michael Bray
Re: In-Link 2.0 vs. Links SQL In reply to
UBB fell to vBulletin was slated almost from the beginning, I use phpBB (this is being reconsidered with the advent of gossamer forum :-) and have read alot of people's complaints against UBB. vBulletin came in with a product that did the same plus listened to the community. phpBB is the same just that it's GPL'd and anybody can use it for free.

LinksSQL has it's users/forums/mod developers behind it. Being half price isn't going to really help I think. If inLink went GNU and got some of the talented php programmers behind it, gave it a year + for work then I think there might be a chance of a situation to challenge GT and LinksSQL but I really can't see this happening.

Since there are so many sites, and many being Nuke'd or use a nuke system GT should be safe since power users look for Good products when they've out grown there own built in link system or link-similar system GT is pretty lucky.

Interesting note: GT's dbman is something NOBODY has come near, even close.

But GT shouldn't be satisfied with what they have now or else they will end up in a UBB situation. This doesn't seem to be aproblem either, just look at these forums, GT seems to be always looking ahead to stay above and ahead making me a happy boy.

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Re: In-Link 2.0 vs. Links SQL In reply to
Well I'd just like to say that I've seen the vbulletin admin panel and the Gossamer Forum admin panel and there is no competition. GT kicks ass even in alpha stage.

I'm not saying this to defend/promote GT in any way - I am being totally truthful.

I've never seen anything like it - it's obviously very similar to the layout of the other SQL scripts to create a standardized look but there are so many options and features.

With futher development/bug fixes my gut feeling is that nothing can compete

It is actually like you are using a software application, not a collection of perl scripts.

vbulletin is obviously still cool but Gossamer Forum has the potential to steal their sunshine.

Re: In-Link 2.0 vs. Links SQL In reply to
Damn, couldnt edit my post..........I posted to quick and was about to go on to the more relevant point of Links SQL and In-Link.....sheesh.

Re: In-Link 2.0 vs. Links SQL In reply to
hehe ...

g-forums is hitting the net slowly. Until now my favorite phpBB is even getting posted to about g-forums.

vBulletin has a portal out (or somebody doing the job for them) ...

this is gonna get interesting


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Re: In-Link 2.0 vs. Links SQL In reply to
The key is that GT has worked on integrating its set of products, while others patch stuff together. It took me a lot shorter period of time to create a discussion forum out of LINKS SQL v.1.13.

GT products will only get better...yet, I would caution them not to dramatically change their business model and "become too big for their breaches" like other web software companies have become.

They should maintain their fluid stance with providing solutions for small through large/enterprise organizations.

Buh Bye!

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