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Importing stuff

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Importing stuff
I've seen some other posts on plug-ins that can do this (not sure why the standard package doesn't include more options), but what I want to know is simply this: how likely is it that I could import an SQL db with a 100,000+ links (will be that large very soon) and, say, 15,000+ directories/categories into Links SQL completely intact? Keep in mind too that thousands of the directories are cross-linked.

Also, while I'm on the subject, what are the options/plug-ins for adding/importing new links into Links SQL? In the admin I saw only the option to add one link at a time. In PS I have the option to manually input 5 links at a time, import dmoz pages a page at a time, import delimited text files, and crawl URLs, all as default features of the script. Are these things you have to pay extra for with Links SQL, in the form of add-ons?
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It's going to require a custom import script I'd imagine. If you are familiar with SQL, then it also wouldn't be too difficult as there are only three tables to work with. We are available to perform custom imports, just contact us with a sample of what format the data is in, and we can give you a quote.

As for importing links in the future, the only built in feature is to import from an RDF file (like what DMoz provides).


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If you search, I've been working on an idea to allow dmoz updates from the current rdf dump file, into a working links installation.

Andy has written a really good shell that works on importing the dmoz dump, and I've used it extensively, (cleaned up the interface a bit), to set up dozens of niche sites.

Part of the advantage of Links SQL is the plugin system, so that you do not have to wait for the main developers to incorporate something. Someone can write it, and share it with relative ease.

There are dozens of free and commercial plugins available, to extend the functionality of links, and if you need something, it can often be written just for you (or in general form) fairly easily and quickly.

Compare this to other programs that do not have a plugin system, or which purposely obfuscate (make unreadable) their code.

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Thank you both for your replies.