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How Customizable is Links?

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How Customizable is Links?

Links SQL looks great for what I need but I need to know how customizable is the HTML output.
In my main categories and sub categories BEFORE the listings I need to be able give my preferred
advertisers some exposure with some fancy graphics that set them apart from the rest of the links.
Can the template system you have handle this?

Also I'd like to use a set of icons representing different features the sites I list have.
If a site has a photos, beside their link title the photo icon would be addes, same for video,
freestuff, chat, games etc. I want the webmasters who submit sites to me to be able to check off
the various special features they have and the corresponding icons to show up at the top of their Links
entry. The same way that a NEW or COOL graphic appears.

Can HTML be enabled in the description section of the links? On the sites I personally review I'd like
to be able to write my own review with <img src> graphics etc.

Please answer at your convenience.


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In short, there is pretty much nothing you can't do with links, especially if it's just HTML output.

It looks like everything you want to do can be done with links, or with one of the plugins. If you need something custom, someone would most likely be willing to take the job.

You would probably need to add some extra fields to your link table, and some complicated if tests to the templates, but that's all pretty routine in the day in the life of a Links site :)

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