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I have to install a version of linkssql which has not yet been purchased for me and I was wondering if it would be possible to get hold of the installation document to see if I am up to it. Apparently my host has the required aspects.



Can I break the server by installing incorectly? It worries me you see. I wish to run it in static mode, does that make a difference.

The permissions confuse me also. I have ftp access but the permission can only be set to read, write, execute for three different users.

Hope you can shed some light.

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Re: [ukseo] Documentation In reply to

I've moved this into the Links SQL forum. When you purchase the program, installation is included, so we can make sure it's setup properly. You are of course free to install it yourself if you like, and detailed installation instructions are included with the program.


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Re: [ukseo] Documentation In reply to
ukseo, I must say it's pretty easy. Doesnt take more then a minute. Mycliented wanted to do this for him, but he did it himself. Good for me and good for him. Very very Easy. Alex, I must say this is the best product I have ever seen.

Let me buy 2 copies when I open my pockets soon, and I will have a nice testimonial done for you. :-)
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Re: [nakulgoyal] Documentation In reply to
This is all good stuff to hear.

One thing though is the access rights in mysql. Do I just have a database with all priviledges? Almost ignoring the mysql database itself.

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Re: [ukseo] Documentation In reply to
Yes you are right in your version Well it is great script I have never seen such kind of script in my life
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