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Different Types of Links

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Different Types of Links
How hard would it be to specify two different record types?
For example:

Content Pages - With articles, reviews etc.
External Links - The normal urls

Both would need different fields and need different options. Some would need to go to detailed pages, while others would need to go to the external site.

Is this a viable option? Would it waste lots of disk space?

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Re: Different Types of Links In reply to
This is really a two part question.

First, look at the modified jump.cgi. It jumps "local" for urls staring with / and external for urls starting with http:// ... that's just a tweak to the code in jump.cgi

Second, you can do linking to detailed pages, or other fields base on the values of the fields. You would need to have all the fields for both the internal and external links in the link record, but use only the ones that make sense.

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