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Customizing subject tree display and db fields

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Customizing subject tree display and db fields
I need help with two pre-sales questions. The directory I am developing will have two custom functions that I wonder can be integrated in Links SQL. I want to confirm that this is possible and details on how to do it. BTW, I am not a Perl programmer. I hope someone can advise me about these custom features.

The first question is about a Javascript category menu system that I want to substitute for the HTML subject tree display in Links SQL. The menu system is developed by IMINT.COM and all their applets use their proprietary common indexing standard, "XIXL eXtensible IndeXing Language." An indexing tool manages all aspects the menu system http://www.imint.com/gen5/g5_50.htm/. Each category in the IMINT menu system will have a URL hyperlink command embedded that sends a query to the index database. My question is, can I use the IMINT menu system in place of the HTML subject tree display in Links SQL without sacrificing any category functions other than the HTML subject tree display? If yes, are we talking about a major or minor programming job? Can anyone offer me any advice or suggestions on programming this custom function?

The second question is about modifying the database fields in Links SQL. Instead of the default database fields in Links SQL, I want to build the index database with the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set http://dublincore.org/. Can this modification be made, and can anyone offer any advice or suggestions on this custom function?

Following is background information about the Dublin Core. The FAQ section of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative web site explains, "The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set is a set of 15 descriptive semantic definitions. It represents a core set of elements likely to be useful across a broad range of vertical industries and disciplines of study. The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set was created to provide a core set of elements that could be shared across disciplines or within any type of organization needing to organize and classify information."

Search engines are beginning to support Dublin Core, including: Ultraseek, Swish-E, Microsoft's Index Server, Blue Angel Technologies MetaStar, and Verity Search 97 Information Server. Tools exist for working with Dublin Core Metadata http://dublincore.org/tools/. For example, DC-dot extracts and validates metadata from HTML resources and MS Office files http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/metadata/dcdot/. According to the DC web site, "The Dublin Core has become an important part of the emerging infrastructure of the Internet. Many communities are eager to adopt a common core of semantics for resource description, and the Dublin Core has attracted broad ranging international and interdisciplinary support for this purpose."

Thank you for helping me with these pre-sales questions.

Merle Colglazier

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1. I'm not sure how easy this would be. On any given category page, by default Links SQL only gives you the immediate sub category information, not the entire category tree. If the Javascript bar requires the entire tree it would take a little custom work to get it working properly.

2. Yes, this could be achieved easily. From the admin you can add custom columns to your database. It would be simple to add in the ones Links SQL doesn't cover by default.



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