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Category specific fields

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Category specific fields

is it possible to build databases with Gossamer-Links with categorie specific fields?

For example a product database with notebooks in one categorie and cars in one categorie.
So for notebooks I need fields like processor, tft, ... and for cars I need completly different fields.


PS: Do you have examples for classified ads pages running with Gossamer-Links?
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Re: [jmar] Category specific fields In reply to
Hi Johannes,

It is theoretically possible to have category-specific templates in GLinks with each category template calling different fields, but it does get messy to manage at some point when the database gets larger.

Here's an example site:
where there are slightly different fields per category. The Add form becomes very complex though as one needs to know which category the user is trying to add their link into.

We do not recommend mixing Cars and Notebooks into one Classifieds database, but it is definitely possible with the program.

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Re: [jmar] Category specific fields In reply to
I have such plan to create a plugin, which can handle Category specific Links fields, but I have no timeframe, when I will do this. As Jack said, its a difficult task, and while I'm not sure if I will succeed, at the moment it seems, that it can be done.

I will also need this feature, so this is a good reason for me to do the development.
However, I should finish some of my plugins first, before I start this new one.

Best regards,

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