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Category List Order

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Category List Order
Hi, I need a little help please.

Our site is Turkish language. Turkish uses a couple different characters than normal latin. For example, an "i" with a dot is different fom an "i" without a dot. There are two or three other letters like this(s with/without accent, g with/without accent.) These letters are unique to Turkish. The language also uses and and .

The problem is when a category begins with any of these characters, it automatically lists them after the normal alphabet. The list thus becomes nonalphabetic. Is there any way we can change the order of the alphabet links uses?

Ali Yurukoglu

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Re: Category List Order In reply to
Hi Ali,

i have no solution for your problem, but i have a question:

How we can use turkish charakters in Script (for Categories e.g.) ??
We have the problem, that the Script doesnt accept these...

Thanx in advance,

Coyu (Selamlar almanyadan)