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Can I do the following?

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Can I do the following?

ok guys I have a few questions for you. Im trying to increase the functionality of my site and am looking at applications that can help. Links sql looks like a great application to me but im not sure it can do everything I want.

I currently have the following on my site and wish to scrap how it is currently done for a more seamless and functional way. I want to replace the current method and use links sql for the following;

- Personal classified/matchmaker section
- Gallery photo submit with voting and comments etc.
- clubs/parties and events database

1. Is it possible to do all of the following at the same time? I know that links sql can do them separately. But can I create them all into the same database?

2. Is there a chat add-in or way of integrating chat using the same user credentials and profiles etc?

3. Is there anyway of integrating .htaccess / .htpasswd as the user base. Or maybe some other way of transparent authentication.

I hope I have made sense!




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Re: [catlovette] Can I do the following? In reply to

1) Well, I don't see why not. It would require you to make lots of <%if tag%> etc tags, anbd also have quite a few fields (i.e all fields for classifieds, all fields for photo-gallery, etc. That could amount to a lot of fields Smile

2) I'm not sure. It may be possible to write something, especially seeing as Gossamer community's beta has arrived now :)

3) I very much doubt it. Links SQL uses a database list of users, their passwords etc. I expect it would be possible to hack the hell out of Links SQL, and maybe setup a cron-job to build upa list of acceptable users say every 15-30 mins, but I don't tihnk it would be cheap; and quite honestly, I like their current securty system Wink

I'm not sure if that really answers you questions though...seems to just have made more :p


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Can I do the following? In reply to
ok thanks for answering. I dont know what <%if tag%> are yet but im sure I will. So your saying it is possible but just will take major effort! Crazy

OK as far as chat is concerned how easy is it to grab the authentication information from Gossamer community's and pass it onto a chat application I could buy or write? Is there any documentation on how the authentication works and the session is maintained to it can be used transparently with other applications?


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Re: [catlovette] Can I do the following? In reply to

Indeed, like Andy said, you'd need a lot of <%if%> tags and I am not sure if it's really a good idea to run everything on one Links SQL application. Would be cleaner, easier to manage, but more expensive to run one Links SQL application per section.

You will be able to hook into the Community database for authentication purposes, the data is stored in MySQL, and we'll be releasing some documentation as to how to hook third party applications up to Community in the future. Not sure when though.

Perhaps it might be a good idea for you to download and install Gossamer Community so you can see for yourself how the system works: