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I don't want to use the foreign-chars-option to keep the category-names within the URL. Is it possible to change the following chars automatically while building the individual directories but not to a simple "_"?

-> ae

-> Ae

-> oe

-> Oe

-> ue

-> Ue and finally

-> ss

Everything else (special characters etc.) should still change to "_".
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use a plugin hook on category_add to alter them. just do a few simple text replacements.
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Re: [,] & Co. In reply to
How would that have to look like? Resources?
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Bitte stellen Sie Ihre Frage im deutschen Support Forum.


You have a typical German question. Dont hesitate to ask this in the German forum.
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Re: [,] & Co. In reply to

I didn't get any further with the problem. I still don't want to use "build_directory_field" to change the URL-directory-names.

How would "a plugin hook on category_add" have to look like? , you wrote "just do a few simple text replacements". But where and how???