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A Few Questions

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A Few Questions
We're currently running Links 2.0 with several mods installed. We use portions of the resulting database on several sites.

1. Will Links SQL be able to import the entire database that was adjusted with the mods. ie: alt category mod?

2. We often edit the database in a simple text editor and use global edit/replace function, then put it back into Links 2.0 for building. With an SQL database, is a global edit/replace possible within the system? If not, can the database be easily manipulated in a text editor and then used by Links SQL?

3. We use different servers for different sites. Can Links SQL build the database into a server other than the one it resides on?

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Re: [biglion] A Few Questions In reply to
I'll try and answer 2 of your questions...

1) Most of the mods (and more) that were written for Links 2, have been ported over to Links SQL 2.1. They coime in the form of 'globals' and 'plugins'.

2) Not sure

3) I'm not sure why you would do this....but in short, I dont' think it would be possible. You could probably hack the building script to write the scripts on your server, and then use Net::FTP (or similar), to upload the files to your other server...

Hope that helps a little Tongue

Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] A Few Questions In reply to
Thanks, I guess one way or another we can work around some of the shortcomings.

The question you didn't answer is however very important. If an SQL database can't be modified in a text editor, is there at least some other way to edit/replace on a global level. Basically, we're going to use it for affiliate links which need to have different URLs for different sites. The URL for each link needs to be replaced with the proper code and a global edit/replace is the only feasible way of doing it with several thousand links. Does anyone know if this can be done in Links SQL? Is there an edit/replace option?

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Re: [biglion] A Few Questions In reply to
You can write a small script that updates the records. The script would go through all records in the database, and replace the URLs with the proper code

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Re: [biglion] A Few Questions In reply to
-OR- run a SQL UPDATE query via the MySQLMan database management utility or through SSH/telnet.

I'd check out the SQL Resources thread in the Databases and SQL for helpful resources to get a handle about what SQL is and what database applications, including MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, etc. do.
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Re: [biglion] A Few Questions In reply to

You have two options for mass updates:

1. Use the export feature to export the table to a flat file, make your changes, and then import it again. The downside here is you lose any changes that happened while you were editing.

2. Make the changes directly via SQL. Many people on the forum can help, but with a little knowledge you can do easy search and replaces on the entire table.

Oh, and as for building to a different server, you could accomplish this with NFS or someother networked file system.


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Re: [Alex] A Few Questions In reply to
I will try those options and see what works best for me. Thanks.