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Some providers, in my country, offer a XDSL line, without trafic limitation, for an interesting price, compared to a leased line with the same capacities.


Except for the fact to have only one IP address, what are the beneficts/advantages to use a xDSL line for a web server?

Is it possible to combine a leased line and a xDSL line for the same network?


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You need to check it carefully. Here, providers are moving to dynamic IP's so that you can't run a private webserver off the line. Also, most DSL lines are ADSL, which means the upstream rate is much lower than the downstream rate. This means you can download from the ISP end of the DSL line to your machine often 10x faster than you can transfer data FROM your machine to the ISP end.

That means, if you connect a webserver to the DSL line, you can have 640k downstream, but only 90k upstream -- an ISDN line with 2 b channels would give you much faster uploads. The rates vary, but if you can get a DSL line, and a static IP, and you can get them to provide DNS to that IP, you can run the webserver.

Most ISP's will not do that because the COST of that line is now _NOT_ only your use, but they are allowing use across the whole Internet. If your traffic goes up, they may find some way to limit you -- such as kill your available bandwidth.

With the leased line you are paying for the bandwidth. With the DSL line, you are paying for the AVAILABILITY of the bandwidth, not 7.2 meg sustained transfer.

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Re: [OFFTOPIC] xDSL Line. Thanks! In reply to
Thanks pugdog. As usual your help is complete and very useful.