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creating a new template set (static php)

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creating a new template set (static php)
alright. i changed my build extension to .php and renamed my index page setting to index.php

i'm trying to create a whole new template for linkSQL. i was told in another thread that i need to manually create a new /templates/templatename/ directory. now, do i create and save all the files under the LOCAL directory or do i not need to make the local and compiled directories and just save all the files immediately under the templatename directory?

thanks in advance!
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Re: [lastsaga] creating a new template set (static php) In reply to
If you create your own templates that don't conflict with any templates that come with the installation, you don't really have to put changes in the local directory. Part of the reason for the local directory is so that when you upgrade, your changes aren't overwritten. One thing you might try is to create your own template set, then when you want to make small changes to the templates to test things out, put them in the local directory. If they work out how you want, then overwrite the non-local directory version. That way you can easily back out a change to your templates.