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Hi All,

I have 2 fields one of them is called CountryTo and the other one is CountryFrom and I use it for a phone card company. When I do a search for CountryTo = Canada and CountryFrom = United States it shows me all the results from United Kingdom as well! I know that this is because United Kingdom has the word "United" in it!

What should I use in my search page in order to only see United States when I do a search like this?

Thanks in advance,
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Re: [pcmania] PHP Search In reply to
You might want to post this type of request in the Links SQL PHP Forum.
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Re: [pcmania] PHP Search In reply to

Can you post an example of what your search form looks like? If you do:

<input name="CountryFrom" value="United States">

it should look for 'United States' exactly. It shouldn't match United Kingdom. Only thing I can think of is you are passing it in via URL and not escaping the space, so only CountryFrom=United is getting to the script.


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Re: [Alex] PHP Search In reply to
I seem to remember you saying this advanced search feature wasn't present in the PHP search...or was that just advanced searches, likew => == <= etc.


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