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would anyone be able to help me out here ?

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would anyone be able to help me out here ?

I am setting up a toplist script and I want to use it
in conjunction with Links SQL.

The Top List script will allow me to display a quick
list summary on another page using an SSI command. So
I want to have this SSI code on my Links homepage.

My Question: I have my links index page (and all
other pages) to be built as .html is there an easy way
for my home index page to be built as .shtml while all
other pages are built as .html ?

And can the regular Links SQL work with SSI or do I
need the PHP Version to do this ?

You can email or private message me if you wish.

I appreciate all the help I can get.

Thanks for any replies !


sultry lady
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Re: [sultry lady] would anyone be able to help me out here ? In reply to

No, you can't easily switch between .html, or .shtml. The overhead of parsing ssi is minimal, so I wouldn't be concerned with just building all your pages with .shtml.

You can only use SSI on static html pages, so it won't work for the add, modify, or search type pages.


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