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win 98 apache httpd.conf

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win 98 apache httpd.conf
I installed Perl on a pc with Win 98 and Server Apache. I would install Links Sql too but when I want install it install.cgi file not compiled. (I put install.cgi and install.dat on to www/links/cgi-bin/ directory) maybe is my httpd.conf file?
Where I can find a httpd.conf file to resolve my problem?

thanks a lot


PS: is my second post:)

PS II: I hope is the right place to put my question :)
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Re: [salvatore] win 98 apache httpd.conf In reply to

Yes, right place. =)

The easiest thing would be to use Apache's built in cgi-bin directory. If you want to make your own cgi-bin, you'll need to configure it manually.


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