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version of Image::Size to use

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version of Image::Size to use
Which version of Image::Size should be used? I intend on using thumb_images plug-in if I can ever get it to work. The version that was included in the most recent Goss update has this header and says it needs Perl 500.2
# Author: via CPAN (see POD)
# Revision: $Id: Size.pm,v 1.2 2004/02/04 19:32:05 jagerman Exp $
# Based off: Image::Size, 2.99

The 3.01 Version I got from CPAN has this header and says it needs Perl 5.6.0
This file copyright (c) 2000 by Randy J. Ray, all rights reserved
# Copying and distribution are permitted under the terms of the Artistic
# License as distributed with Perl versions 5.005 and later
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Re: [shell] version of Image::Size to use In reply to
You should use the built in Image::Size. In fact, the rewrites of the programs use GT::Image::Size not the CPAN distribution. I'm not sure what the differences are, but the Thumbnailer is only using Image::Size for the size values. I imagine the fixes might be for performance, new image types, or code changes to make it compatible with new Perl features. The actual functionality is pretty simple. :)

Changes in 3.01:

* Added ex/ directory with a few samples.

* Dropped ExtUtils::MakeMaker and switched to Module::Build. Makefile.PL is
now a wrapper of sorts around Build.PL. This allows adding licensing
information to META.yml for CPAN indexing.

Changes in 3.0:

* Added test suites for POD correctness and POD coverage.

* Implemented and documented a flag called $Image::Size::GIF_BEHAVIOR that
controls whether the GIF code returns the screensize, the first sub-image
or the largest of the sub-images.

* Applied a patch from mrj@mrj.spb.ru to fix usage of the Compress::Zlib
module in the handling of compressed flash files. Added a new SWF file to
test this, and added reference to the file in MANIFEST and t/all.t.

* Delay Image::Magick loading until it is needed. (Mark Stosberg).
Add support for Graphics::Magick as an alternative to Image::Magick.
If either Graphics::Magick or Image::Magick is loaded into memory
that module will be used. Otherwise, they are both tried to be loaded,
with Graphics::Magick being tried first. (Mark Stosberg). This patch also
adds a new test suite, t/magick.t, to the distribution and modifies both
MANIFEST and Makefile.PL (to add a build-dependancy on Test::More).

* With Test::More now required for building, converted t/all.t to use it.

Changes in 2.992:

* Added support for FlashMX (Shockwave Flash ver. 6), as contributed by
Victor L Kuriashkin <victor@yasp.com>.

Changes in 2.991:

* Small fix to setup of scalar refs in Size.pm, in case the ref points to
an undef value.

* Code clean-up on the imgsize script.

Changes in 2.99:

* Applied two patches from Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>, one providing
support for MNG, the other for supporting anything Image::Magick does.

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