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user features from detail page

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user features from detail page
Hi All-
I'm reworking our site for our 10 year anniversary Yayw00t

On our 2.x version I had created a "pseudo" account area for users to access their ppc account, edit their profiles, leave them messages, etc. A LOT OF WORK.

I'm on 3.2 now and have a different look on things and would like to ask a question of those who are all-knowing Winkfor advice

Would it be possible to make features accessible from the user profile? I thought of this because there are currently items that can show up on a users link for only users like the "payment" link. Is anyone already doing this? I'd love some feedback. We're trying to tie in more social business networking features now, as link directories aren't the little darlings anymore.

So we could add these:

private message plugin
bookmark link
modify link
edit user info
admin for image gallery (plugin)
link stats (plugin)
PPC (big plugin)
Calendar (plugin)

So any of these "tools" and features would only show up for that user on their links detail page... ah but what if they have multiple. I don't have that though and can limit to only one link or even just a listing if they don't have a site. With all of these features a person without a link/site could easily participate.

So I guess I'm asking has anyone used/made code, tags, globals for incorporating these items into a Detail Page?

THANKS MUCH for any input you can offer!
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Re: [SSmeredith] user features from detail page In reply to

Ya, sure it can be done :) I've done it a number of times now (although, I can't share the URL's I'm afraid)

For detailed pages (assuming you are using mod_rewrite), you can do:#

<%if isLinkOwner%>

If "true", then the user logged in owns the link they are viewing the detailed page.

Please lemme know if I've mis-understood your question - was a bit all over the place, so I may have got the wrong end of the stick ;)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] user features from detail page In reply to
Oh, darn, was I all over the place again. I really need to set a 12 hour cut-off. CrazySorry.

Yes, I don't remember it being that simple. Good to hear, though.