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user.cgi lock up

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user.cgi lock up
User.cgi completely lock up server .................... will try to load for approx 5 mins and then server busy or broken 503 error ............ In talking with server admin types ... they advised that an unknow process is eating up resources. (user.cgi) and effects the entire program when multiple users try to add a link? Debuggin has been set to level 2

any insight to a fix ?


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Re: [redball1] user.cgi lock up In reply to
Try debugging on 0. Some servers try and grab too much debugging info, and can sometimes cause the servers to crash. If that doesn't work, then another option would be to try and work out *why* its crashing.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] user.cgi lock up In reply to
hi andy ,

I set debug to 0 no go

checked server error logs .........none sinse dec8 (unrelated not found stuff)

Unistalled all pluggins no go

rebooted server - which sped up links but still no locks up no response to add.cgi

addittionaly no response time out on build changed in build


any insight?

best regards,