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upgrading from Links 2.0

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upgrading from Links 2.0

we just did an upgrade from Links 2.0 to Links SQL 2.04 and all is working fine except the add.cgi is no longer accepting auto submissions. db_referers=empty and user_required is set to no. I think the problem is the different category value. Links 2.0 is submitting the category names, but Links SQL is exspecting the category id Number. Does anyone have a solution ?

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Re: [harry346] upgrading from Links 2.0 In reply to
If you mean you upgraded from the flat-file version to the SQL version, a lot has changed :)

When you imported your database, did you check to make sure it was imported properly?

Go to the admin->database area, and look at Links/Properties, and make sure that your fields look like what is in your database. If not, "resync" (might be a good idea to do that anyway!) for Links, Categories, and Users.

Then, use the rebuild tables option, and then the re-index.

What this does, is make sure your system is running the way Links SQL expects it to be. I've had to do this with imports from previous versions of the SQL, so it's probably a good idea to check.

Links SQL handles how categories are handled in the templates, very, very differently. In fact, the 2.x versions do it much differently than the 1.1x versions.

If you have db_gen_categories in the Admin/Setup set, it should accept the category name, and seek out the number, and vice versa as needed.

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