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upgrade from shell

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upgrade from shell
is there any way to update LinksSQL from shell? I mean "Available Updates" from 3.x version, not upgrade from 2->3.

At least something like:
/usr/bin/wget -q --http-user=realuser --http-passwd=realpassword 'http://foo.bar/cgi-bin/admin/nph-verify.cgi?method=1&do=check_links&submit=Verify Links'

for verifying links. Yes, I can do same thing for updates, but there is a lot of params and it is horrible work extract them from HTML.
So I ask: Is there an easy way to update LinksSQL from shell.

P.S. I don't want to use web interface, because I do not want to give apache server write permission to LinkSQL directory. I'm paranoid. I'm sysadmin.

Regards Mirek
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Re: [mirek] upgrade from shell In reply to
In file: .../cgib-bin/admin/templates/admin/update_list.html
I changed <form method="post"... to <form method="get"...
And then I open in new window the page mysite.com/cgi-bin/admin/admin.cgi?do=page;page=update_list.html
Select which update I want to install and click button "Install Selected Updates".
New window with error message popup. I take the url, which something like:
and in directory /..../cgi-bin/admin/
I run this command
./admin.cgi do=page page=update_list.html install=53
(it is end of previus url, but instead of & is space).