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upgrade failure 3.02

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upgrade failure 3.02
3/4 of my upgrades from 3.01 > 3.02 & further recommended upgrade went fine.

In the 4th upgrade, the home & upgrade admin pages still tell me that the 3.02 new version is available although it is already installed. The website seems to be running OK but I can't get the next recommended upgrade that was released for 3.02- and presumably won't be able to access future upgrades for this installation either?
Error: Unable to installed selected updates: Update verification failed:
  • Some selected updates are no longer available for installation.
The following updates are available for your Gossamer Links installation:

No critical updates
No recommended updates
No optional updates
Show all details Hide all detailsA new version is available!

How do I fix this problem?

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Re: [Alba] upgrade failure 3.02 In reply to
It fixed itself when I deleted the installation files & directory.