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update to 3.0? free?

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update to 3.0? free?
Hi, I have a few quick questions, not sure if this is the right area, but here goes... 1. I paid for a license awhile back, 450 bucks or whatever it was, was NOT cheap. I hope this means I can update to 3.0 for free as a paying customer right? 2. Is there anyone out there willing to help me with the update? My skills with php/mysql scripting etc. are limited, and I have an active site I need to convert over. Thanks in advance, Regards, -Malcolm Clarke Lowry

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Re: [nocturnix] update to 3.0? free? In reply to
Links 2.0, or Links SQL 2.0??? very different programs...

upgrading from Links SQL 2.0 to Gossamer Links 3.0 is free. Upgrade from Links 2.0 is offered at a discount, I believe.

As a paid licensee, you should have been provided with a link to a secured download area. Check that to see if it's available for you to download.

Limecat is not pleased.

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Re: [nocturnix] update to 3.0? free? In reply to

If you own Links SQL 2.xx, then you should be able to download GLinks 3.0.2 Smile


Andy (mod)
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