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up and running (sort of)

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up and running (sort of)
Despite the bugs, and I'm sure more to come, I've got a site up and running, in my "default" or "dummy" configuration.

No links, only one category, but it's apparantly using the templates from my 1.13 install (via page.cgi?t=mydefault) AND ---> surprisingly it's working !!

I manually added 50 tags to the globals.txt file, but am still trying to figure out how to add in things like the "Top 5" subs, which were subs in the HTML_Templates.pm file, that were assigned to the %GLOBALS hash:

random => sub { return int rand (64000); },
random1 => int rand (64000),
random2 => int rand (64000),
random3 => int rand (64000),
top5 => \&top5,
top5_most_recent => \&top5_most_recent,
top5_today => \&top5_today,
top5_yesterday => \&top5_yesterday,
I also haven't figured out how to work around the $LINKS{config_variables} that were used in the Links.pm file to create cascading paths, and setup options.

Time/experience and some docs?? <G> will help.

My templates went from garish, to almost looking like my default Links 1.13 site!

Can't wait for the import scripts and the final word on how to use this thing!! <G>

So have hope guys! This was a 2 hour install, but I was doing a lot of things manually, and without any instructions... but it's working.

If this keeps up through the betas to the final version, upgrading a site will be fairly easy (depending on the IMPORT scripts available), and the big problems will be trying to rewrite the mods we've all added on to work with the new conceptual layout of the program.

At any rate, installing a new site from scratch will be somewhat EASIER than with Links 1.13!

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/

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Re: up and running (sort of) In reply to
The template system is a lot more powerful now.

You can do:


to run a function. i.e.: <%Yourmodule::top5%>

and the top 5 would be run. You can even do:

<%Yourmodule::top5 ('someargument')%>

to pass in arguments.

Alternatively, you can put in subroutines into the globals.txt. Look at date and time as examples.



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