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two languages and one question

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two languages and one question
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Sorry was blank the first post :)


We are building for our eurotpima.net a database using Links Sql for listing projects of the Company. So only one person is going to add the project and not a multi-user system. This database will be in English and French Languages.

I am using two sets of TEMPLATES, the default one and another one that I called FR (for the French language).
The main categories are two:
- Projects_EN (which includes many subdirectories in English)
- Projects_FR (which includes many subdirectories in French)
I have doubled the fields in include_form i.e: Title and Title_FR , Description and Description_FR, Location and Location_FR ecc...
Such way in the default set i display the English and in the FR set I display the French ones.

Now my question is:
Is it possible to submit each project to two directories in the same time using the .../add.cgi or .../modify.cgi?????
Till now I used <%category%> TWICE that allow me to add the project to two categories, but seems to me not a valid way to do so, especially when you modify the Project (also problems when you use the search box that mix the fields Category in French and the rest in English).

Any suggestion about, or to use different way for using different languages.
English: http://europtima.net/...2Findex.html&d=1
French: http://europtima.net/...2Findex.html&d=1

Waiting to hear from you.
Many Thanks
UltraNerds.com Member

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Re: [antoined] two languages and one question In reply to
How about making 2 template sets, and then using page.cgi to show the pages, and passing something like;

page.cgi?t=Temp_FR&d=1 (french template set)
page.cgi?d=1 9normal template set)

I'm not quite sure I understand your question, but hopefully if I understood it correctly, this reply will be have some use Smile


Andy (mod)
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