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top rated and whats new

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top rated and whats new
it seems my top rated and whats new links have decided to give up on me. when you click on them I get the following:


We had the following problem: We don't seem to have a category by the name 'Ratings'.

Any one have an idea?
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Re: [knewt] top rated and whats new In reply to

This usually happens when you try and change the New, Rating url's in Setup->Paths and URL's. The URL's must be a substring of the root url for things to work.

For instance:

http://yoursite/pages/ <= root
http://yoursite/pages/New/ <= new

is ok, but:

http://yoursite/pages/ <= root
http://yoursite/New/ <= new

is not. The page.cgi won't work under this layout. If that doesn't help, try sending a message to support-lsql@gossamer-threads.com and include admin access info and someone here can take a look.


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Re: [Alex] top rated and whats new In reply to
your right Alex

what I was tryin gto do was set up the path and URl so evry build would produce the index.html file at the main site. ie update the front page of the site when a build changed occurs.

i want the build to go like this
http://www.mysite/ <= root
http://www.mysite/pages/New/ <= new